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A Story of Elegance, Heritage, and Empowerment


Raffett, our brand name, is derived from the Wolof language, spoken in Senegal, where our Designer leather Bags are handcrafted by local artisans. The word "Raffett" means "Gorgeous" or "Beautiful" in Wolof.
Raffett stands at the intersection of luxury and cultural pride, offering handcrafted Designer Bags that embody the essence of African heritage and craftsmanship. Founded with a vision to redefine luxury and empower communities, Raffett is more than just a brand—it's a celebration of authenticity, excellence, and representation.

Each Raffett bag is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Africa (Senegal), honoring centuries-old traditions and techniques passed down through generations. Every stitch tells a story of dedication and artistry, resulting in exquisite pieces that exude elegance and sophistication.

As a black-owned brand, Raffett is committed to providing representation and empowerment in the luxury sector. Our mission, "One bag for every black queen," reflects our dedication to serving black-owned conscientious customers who seek luxury items that resonate with their identity and values.

At Raffett, we believe in creating opportunities for economic empowerment and cultural preservation. Through our commitment to authenticity, sustainability, and social responsibility, we strive to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our artisans and communities.

Join us on a journey where luxury meets legacy, where each Raffett bag is not just a fashion statement, but a symbol of pride, heritage, and empowerment. Experience the elegance of Raffett and celebrate your story with us.





Our collections are created in a workshop based in Senegal, where every product is crafted by skilled local artisans. Utilizing their expertise in traditional leather-working techniques, our bags are meticulously handcrafted to the highest standards of quality.